Getting Old

Getting Old

For the first time in several years, I sustained an injury that has lingered beyond the usual next day sore-ness. It suddenly makes me realize, yet again, that I’m not a kid anymore.

While on a brief trip to Florida, I hurt what I thought was my ankle but it ended up being the ligament under my pinkie and second toe. Needless to say, it hurts a heck of a lot. Still, for a freelancer, there is no time off or sick leave, so instead I soldier on to work, to audition and to life. I’m still able to do all my jobs but it’s been with a bit more effort than would usually be considered.

What’s been interesting is that it has forced me to move a bit slower, especially when walking anywhere and I couldn’t believe how different things seem when you aren’t zooming to get to and fro. I definitely feel a lot less stressed out, just by taking the extra few seconds to get somewhere and instead of fighting my way through crowds, I merely make my way amongst them. Or, even let them pass ME by in their own hurry.

I could get used to this. Though I do miss being able to just take a walk or jog, as it’s too much of a strain on the foot at the moment.

Instead, I’ll be contented to catch up on some other projects that don’t require as much mobility and lots and lots of ice.


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