Washington Power Rankings: One Year Down

Washington Power Rankings: One Year Down

Back after a long and sort of self imposed hiatus, the DC power rankings takes a look at everything going on in the country and world with regard to politics. Meant to be both a sort of serious discussion of what’s happening and a light-hearted scream into the abyss.

One year since Donald Trump stunned the world and became President, he finds himself more unpopular than ever with most, save for his base, and with looming investigations haunting his every step. Between still more tragedies at home and threats abroad, it’s been an unbelievable 12 months since last election day.


10. Donna Brazile (Arrow DOWN)

How to not engender sympathy for yourself after a rough election year as head of the DNC: Write a tell-all book that essentially takes a blowtorch to everyone you worked with from The Clintons to The Obamas and THEN when presented with quotes from your own book, say you didn’t mean any of that. Even better, release it right before an election that only helps to solidify the belief that Democrats are inept and corrupt. The book will of course be a best seller since everyone loves a car crash.


9. Republican Leaders In Congress (Arrow Down)

ryan mcconnell

Two great myths that have been put to rest this past year are those that said Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan knew how to run their government. I include myself in that belief as I was certain they’d have passed way more sweeping laws by now, but they continue to be outmaneuvered both by other members of their own party and insurgents who are looking to break down the old way the Republican Party does business. If 2017 is good for one thing, it’s that the idea of Paul Ryan: Policy Wonk  is dead forever.


8. Steve Bannon (Arrow DOWN)

The results from the elections last night were a big blow to the Bannon belief that Trump-ism will continue to sweep the country. Though Bannon still styles himself as a power broker and taste-maker for the insurgent right, being on the outside looking in will continue to hurt his credibility as much as being in the spotlight brings more and more journalists snooping around his company’s bookkeeping.


7. Thoughts And Prayers (Arrow Sadly UP)

Another week, another shooting, another round of reaction to finding a way to lessen the ability for people to get easy access to guns chalked up to just “thoughts and prayers” for the victims. When a large majority, nearly 90% of the country supports background checks, maybe it’s time to replace a few of the thoughts with action. Yes, there will always be crime and harm done and people will find ways to get guns no matter what, but shouldn’t the goal be to at least make it more difficult for this to happen? Likewise, it’s also important to note that this most recent shooting in Texas was just as much an act of terror as any other. Skin color should not factor into how we respond or classify this. As countless people have pointed out, the number of mass shootings committed by white people need to be accounted for just as much as any mass murder inflicted by ISIS.


6. The NEW Donald Trump (Arrow Pointed Down)

Every few weeks, there is a whisper that NOW, finally, Trump will become more Presidential, that he’ll stop picking meaningless fights and learn how to unite the country. Most who knew Trump from his last 40 years in public life knew him to be a bully, a bigot, a man who took what he wanted and didn’t care who he hurt and someone with no regard for the impact his lies made on other people. He was long considered a joke, a walking meme of what it meant to be rich and a jerk, someone people rolled their eyes at whenever he appeared and enjoyed watching him get burned. That IS who Donald Trump remains and no amount of Presidential pomp will polish that away. The lack of empathy and discipline is not something NEW, it IS who he has always been.


5. Anyone BUT Chris Christie (Arrow WAY UP)

When you are the least popular governor perhaps EVER, anyone who is running to succeed you from within your circle is beyond screwed. It’s almost impossible to believe that two short years ago, many saw him as a possible frontrunner for the Republican Party. This will remain the highlight of his last few years.


4. American Leading From The Front On Climate Change (Arrow DOWN)

Climate Change is real and is getting worse. That’s what the latest findings tell us. However, now, that Syria has agreed to the Paris Climate Accord, there remains one lone holdout and that would be… US. So much for the idea of the US leading the way on pushing new economic growth through renewable energy or helping shape policy. Instead we will stand apart as even the most despotic and chaotic nations find something to agree on. Recall, if you will, all those charges of “America needs to lead from the front again!” and ask yourself what exactly this tactic is then.


3. Regret (Arrow UP)

From “draining the swamp” to “Making America Great Again”, one year gone by, and the supporters are beginning to feel regret. Let’s be frank, all politicians let us down. They promise us things they cannot possibly deliver and there is a level of willful hope and disbelief we put in them that maybe some things will change. However, in the 12 months since Trump has been elected, what tangible changes have been made that improve the daily lives of everyone? You can read more of these regrets on this twitter account which just collects real tweets from one-time Trump supporters:



2.  Bob Mueller (Arrow UP, slowly but surely)


Like a sniper with his eyes trained on a target few can see in the distance, the Mueller investigation continues to tick away. Word is that Flynn might be up next on his list and what has been most fascinating is how leak-proof all of his work has been. When compared to the people he is investigating, who can’t stop from eating each other alive to the press, Mueller’s work goes on and with it, the heat remains turned up. As anyone who has seen what happens to people caught in a lie tend to do, first they deny, then they blame, then they try to run and finally, they go down. It’s right out of a movie or would have been out of an HBO show if not for….


1.  Death Of The Patriarchy  (Arrow UP)

Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, these are just a few of the names that in the last year or so have seen their power and privilege revoked by a society not afraid to speak truths anymore. That all of them are white men should come as no surprise. That they’d been allowed to hurt and abuse and discard people with no consequence is our great shame and one in which we are slowly pushing back against. It’s time to stop giving men likes these a pass because they have power and listening to people who have been victimized. The days of being ignored and shoved to the shadows are over. The power is coming back to the people.  The King is dead. Long live the Kingdom that it hath wrought.